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Built-on Roller Shutter Case studies

South West Housing Association Building, Kelhead Path, Glasgow

Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) have invested heavily in the development and maintenance of Glasgow’s housing sector, they hope this investment will encourage a healthier, greener and happier Glasgow. With a citywide network of 63 local housing associations that offer support, advice and practical information the GHA play a central role in the economical and social regeneration of Glasgow.

The Kelhead Path Housing Association was a new build project. The architect required security, which was visually appealing and chose our Eclipse Lintel Shutter system, that offers a greater level of security than traditional shutters and complements the style of the building, as they are virtually invisible when opened.

We worked with the main contractor Elmwoods and the architect from day one before the first brick was laid. Attending site meetings to demonstrate the product and how it is integrated into the building. Aardee also made random site checks to ensure that installation had been carried out correctly.

The project is carried out as follows:-

  • Stage one – opening sizes are agreed and the guide/closer and lintels are ordered.
  • Stage 2 – the bricklayers install guide/closers into the cavity of the building.
  • Stage 3 – the bricklayers install Lintels.
  • Stage 4 – Aardee attend site to survey for the shutters and order them.
  • Stage 5 – Four weeks later our engineers installed the shutters over a three-day period and commissioned them.

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