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Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains

You’ll never know they’re there until you need them.

As a specialist distributor we supply and install a wide range of high performance fire products. With years of experience we have installed products in some of the world’s most famous landmark buildings.

SeceuroFire Flame Curtain

Intelligent automatic fire curtain – The flexible solution for a safe exit route.

Invisible when not in use, Flame Curtain is automatically activated in the event of a fire alarm or power failure. This ensures safety where it is needed without having to compromise on the aesthetics or design of a building. The Flame Curtain, when lowered or deployed divides up large open spaces to slow down the spread of fire, allowing a safe exit. Flame Curtain is strong enough to contain a fire for up to 2 hours whilst still allowing a route of escape should this be required. This is achieved by simply lifting the bottom rail to create a gap large enough to go under.

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