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Nergeco Intelligent High Speed Curtains

Nergeco Intelligent High Speed Curtains

If you are looking for internal and external automatic flexible curtains that set the technological standard in design and innovation, then our range from Negreco will fit the bill.

We can now offer the full range of Nergeco automatic curtains, which provide as standard

  • high speed
  • energy efficiency
  • safe
  • maintenance-free operation

A key benefit with Negreco Intelligent Curtains® is their ability to control temperature within industrial, logistic, and distribution buildings. In a closed position, Negreco’s advanced technology can allow light to go through, reduce leakage areas around the opening and offer evenly distributed wind resistance. A variety of flexible thicknesses are available to suit specific insulation requirements.

In normal daily operation, the production and distribution process means curtains being opened countless times throughout a day with incoming and outgoing materials and people. Even with continuous traffic flow, maintaining the right temperature is achieved with Negreco automatic curtains’ ‘just-in-time’ opening, with exceptionally fast, and safe, closing.

Negreco automatic curtains have been tried, tested and proven effective in countless buildings including pharmaceutical, cold storage, food processing and the likes, where constant temperature is essential and continual energy costs are kept to a standard level.


The Negreco range of automatic curtains can be custom made to fit any access point either internal or external.

Speed of operation

The flexible curtain slides upward “just in time” and then immediately slides down with less noise, less wear, and fewer risks of incidents (compared with classic curtains). We understand you need reliability and our motors have been designed to give optimum continuous performance.

Thermal insulation

The flexible curtain is secured in the customised sides of the unit and offers peripheral air-tightness (1) and resistance to extreme pressure caused by wind and other elements (2).


Even in extreme weather conditions, Negreco Intelligent Curtains have been manufactured to ensure conduction through the curtain is controlled. So when the wind blows, the more the curtain must resist and seal when closed.


Safety Negreco are committed to safety and have installed patented systems to combat the risk of accident.

Accidents will inevitably happen. Negreco has designed their curtains to slide away if any contact is made, and the door will automatically retract and reset if it has been de-hinged.


For doors to open “just in time” and safely close twice as fast, they need to be harmless if anyone happens to stand under when closing. Negreco doors have contact sensors and a multiflexible closing ridge, which will compress on impact to 300-400mm. On contact, the curtain will automatically retract

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